Wireless Panoramic Bulb 360° IP Camera ,1.3MP, Fisheye Vision, Smart Monitoring System

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  • LED Bulb 360 Fisheye IP Camera is perfectly designed for hidden recording
  • It looks and functions like an everyday light bulb and plugs into any standard socket.With wifi connectivity, you can watch the live video feed from anywhere
  • This device works great for nanny cam monitoring or home security, and blends in for secret filming at the workplace. With inbuilt motion detection function, camera send you the alerts with images whenever any movement in protected area
  • Overview: D3D Smart LED Bulb is integrated with hidden 360 panoramic camera, which features 360 degree wide view angle with no blind spot for live monitoring
  • Equipped with motion detection alarm and IR night vision, camera is widely used at home, shopmarket, office, factory and other places. Best Spy camera for security & survelliance
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